Abortion Pills in Mexico


McALLEN — In this Roman Catholic stronghold, where abortion is deeply stigmatized, reproductive health providers tell stories of women going to pharmacies across the border in Mexico, in search of a drug they hope will terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Story by Thanh Tan

Photos by Reynaldo Leal

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Looking to Mexico for an Alternative to Abortion Clinics

Abortion providers have noticed more and more women crossing the border to buy misoprostol, to be used as abortion pills, at Mexican pharmacies.

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The first video in The Texas Tribune's Fertile Ground series on the battle over women's health and family planning in Texas. Meet the researchers who are measuring the effects of the unprecedented cuts lawmakers made last session to funding for birth control and cancer screenings for poor Texans. 

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Sweet. TX Tribune is nominated, too, in the political website category. No bubbly for us, though. Good luck, Vanity Fair! 

We toasted our Webby Award nomination—for Best Magazine website!—this afternoon with our whole magazine staff.  If you like what we do, vote for us here! 

Here’s a mini-doc I produced and wrote in conjunction Trib reporter Morgan Smith’s “Death of a District" series. Do education leaders need to step up or does the state need to reform a finance system many say rewards wealthy districts and punishes poor students?

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Little preview. I know this makes you wanna go to @TribFest. (Taken with instagram)

The Butterfly from Andrew Gruen on Vimeo.

@TexasTribune. Newsroom shenanigans. (Really thought-provoking stuff by the good doctor-in-waiting, @agruen)

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Well, the rumor mill keeps churning. Wanna see how Perry, Romney and Christie compare on the issues? Check out this interactive chart by the Trib’s Becca Aaronson, Chris Chang, and Ben Hasson.
#TribuneFest has been a success in many regards, but perhaps more subtle has been its success in championing the thoughtful over the loud. Julia Montgomery via Twitter. 9/25/2011 (Thanks, Julia! That’s the sweetest Tweet ever!)
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Texas Tribune peeps = classy. And yes… Hilary Clinton is standing right behind them. (Taken with instagram)

At one point during Thursday’s Fox/Google Republican GOP debate, Gov. Rick Perry bungled an attempt to zing his most serious opponent, Mitt Romney. What exactly did he say? Allow us to interpret

(Source: texastribune.org)

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From the @TexasTribune archives… visualizing #RickPerry’s book, #FedUp. (h/t @stiles) 
Congrats, Emily! Recipient of the @TexMed #AnsonJonesMD Award!  (Taken with Instagram at Texas Tribune)