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Accepting a #SigmaDeltaChi with Justin. Judge gave us extra props for reporting on the women’s health crisis in #Texas “without the use of music.” We’ll take it! #SPJ #SDX #awards #journalism  (at The National Press Club)
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This is from my story in the Tribune and The NY Times last Sunday!

“There was a stomach-churning article in the Texas Tribune this week about abortion access now being so restricted in Texas, that Texas women are crossing the border into Mexico, visiting unregulated Mexican pharmacies and then self-medicating with drugs that they hope might induce abortion, taking these drugs without doctors’ prescriptions without instructions from doctors on how to use them, at risk to their lives and their health.
For women living near the border of Mexico, back-alley abortions are back. And the new back alley is across the border in Mexico.”
-Rachel Maddow
Abortion Pills in Mexico


McALLEN — In this Roman Catholic stronghold, where abortion is deeply stigmatized, reproductive health providers tell stories of women going to pharmacies across the border in Mexico, in search of a drug they hope will terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Story by Thanh Tan

Photos by Reynaldo Leal

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ICYMI: “The Price of Unplanned Pregnancy in Texas.” This is the sixth and final segment from the Fertile Ground series I produced for The Texas Tribune on the battle over family planning.

Watch the entire series here.

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The first video in The Texas Tribune's Fertile Ground series on the battle over women's health and family planning in Texas. Meet the researchers who are measuring the effects of the unprecedented cuts lawmakers made last session to funding for birth control and cancer screenings for poor Texans. 

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Here’s a mini-doc I produced and wrote in conjunction Trib reporter Morgan Smith’s “Death of a District" series. Do education leaders need to step up or does the state need to reform a finance system many say rewards wealthy districts and punishes poor students?

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Click on the chart to link to our latest multimedia project highlighting Perry’s record on health care in Texas and the plight of the state’s 6.2 million uninsured residents. Emily Ramshaw covers the Perry angle (for the Trib and the NY Times). Thanh Tan meets a Texan navigating through life without health insurance. Ryan Murphy offers two interactive charts to show us how many Texans have enrolled in Medicaid (previewed above) and the Children’s Health Insurance Program over the years.
Disease has no boundaries, nor should health care. The health status of illegal immigrants in Texas impacts the health status of all Texans. Task Force for Access to Health Care in Texas, Code Red 2008 Report 
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