#AliveInside trailer. Saw this documentary last night about music and aging. LOVED it! 

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Everything important I needed to know I learned as a dishwasher. In an uncertain universe, some things are still for certain: Dirty plates, if you put them on a plastic rack and push them into the machine and press the button, will come out clean—every time. If you work hard at your job and do it well, even if it’s a shit job, there is some kind of satisfaction in that, whether you’re stacking plates, chopping vegetables, or just setting out a plate of food. Anthony Bourdain, Fast Company 
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This is a first. Audience of ONE (me) in the theater. #AliveInside #documentary. “Music is magic” and “a back door into the mind” of people suffering from #dementia. Dang. #powerofmusic

Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men
Reading this gorgeous, substantive magazine on the flights back home. Check it out. (And here’s to a smoother flight from SLC-SEA!) #Darling #artofbeingawoman
Accidental early birthday party. Yay for kids born on Oct. 31 who are hanging out with me today!  (at Hotel San Jose)
Kudos to the #hotelsanjose for finding something in lieu of cake for our impromptu birthday party. #Austin  (at Hotel San Jose)
Early birthday treats for my #Halloween babies… #Oct31  (at Hotel San Jose)
Sharing my second beer of 2014 with Miss @callierocks! #lightweight #hotelsanjose #Austin  (at Hotel San Jose)
#Ciscos breakfast with Christy & Lisa, one of my favorite couples in the world and the best landlords in #Austin. ;-) (at Ciscos Restaurant Bakery)
#Improv show at #Coldtowne theater. Break a leg, @jdehn! #latergram #Austin  (at ColdTowne Theater)
Reeve is so professorial. Except he’s been photo-bombed here by his own knee. #Austin #ContainerBar  (at Container Bar)
My gay boyfriend is cuter than yours. #muto-licious  (at Container Bar)
One of the more interesting bars around here… #ContainerBar #Austin #raineystreet (at Container Bar)