The path to my physical therapist’s office. So peaceful. Feels like a weekly one-hour #retreat, except when we’re stretching out my messed-up rotator cuff!
Yesss. Picked up #LunchAtTheShop by #PeterMiller. The recipes look dee-lish! Commence #officelunchclub! (As you can see, my desk mates #BobRoss and #RonBurgundy are excited.) #cookbooks #lunch #foodies
Special #election day! Drop those #KingCounty #Prop1 ballots in the mail, like, right now. #kcmetro #transportation  (at The Seattle Times)
#Easter supper: banh phoi xuong (dehydrated rice paper) with shrimp on #sugarcane and nuoc mam (#fishsauce). #TrangBang-village style, so you don’t have to soften the rice paper with hot water. Oh, and fresh pepper in the fish sauce is a must! #vietnamese #foodies #foodgasm #asian

A #flowerpotluck? What a lovely idea via @kinfolkmag

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Singer: Duy Trac

Song: “Ao Lua Ha Dong” composed by Ngo Thuy Mien

Pre-1975 #Vietnamese music, accompanied by images of #Saigon before the fall. Duy Trac was an attorney and renowned singer. Ngo composed the music based on a poem of the same name, meaning “The White Silk Dress.”

Love the images in this video. (h/t qlvnch123 on YouTube)

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“Repetitive lateness is more often related to personality characteristics such as anxiety or a penchant for thrill-seeking. Some people are drawn to the adrenaline rush of that last-minute sprint to the finish line, while others receive an ego boost from over-scheduling and filling each moment with activity.”
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What lessons have we learned from the #VietnamWar? I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit. Watched the 1974 Oscar-winning film “Hearts and Minds” last night to get a sense of what that conflict was really about. 

Talk about a wrenching, visceral viewer experience. 

The film is not critical enough of communist tactics, but it powerfully illustrates this truth: American leaders underestimated the will of the Vietnamese people and their desire for independence from foreign influences. 

This subject fascinates me, for obvious reasons. (My family is from South Vietnam). Please share films, stories and books that you think could help me wrap my mind around that conflict. Next year marks the 40th anniversary of Saigon’s fall to communism. This seems an opportune time to reflect and think about the legacy of the Vietnam War.

I’ve embedded the full documentary, but be warned that parts of it are graphic and sexual. NOT suitable for children or viewing at work. 

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What I had to say to you, moreover, would not take long, to wit: Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow. #KurtVonnegut in a 2006 letter to Xavier High School students (h/t lettersofnote)
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"It’s all a process and it’s going to take you to a new place." — @tiffanyshlain on #creativity

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#DigitalBolex. Want.

I seriously can’t wait for this.

Long live long-form video journalism. towcenter gives us the inside look at how pbstv's #Frontline, mediastorm and vicenews work with video in the digital age. 

The takeaway: Journalism matters. Depth matters. Young people care. 

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First time visiting the #Seattle #CentralLibrary. This place is amaze-balls. #read #borrow #share
#kingcrab! #delicious #seattle #seafood #tomdouglas (at Seatown Seabar and Rotisserie)
Photo from today’s @SeattleTimes story on #DanLewis’ retirement from @komonews. This is the news team I grew up watching. “They projected an image of a family you could trust,” says ASU news professor Craig Allen. Yup. Good luck, Mr. Lewis. #endofanera (at The Seattle Times)