#Ethiopian #coffee. Strong and delicious!
Thank you all for the birthday love! Of course, I’m most grateful to my mom and dad. Their spirit of resilience, loyalty and generosity continues to guide me forward in life. “Cam on, Ba Me nhieu lam!”  (at Top of Tumwater Hill)
How many people does it take to cut open a #durian? #vietnamese #stinkyfruit
Greatest ode EVER to… #pho in #Seattle. “The Vietnamese run the south end.” Woot! #BlueScholars #Sabzi  (at Showbox)
Few things bring out #Seattle pride better than a #BlueScholars show. “We are #Seattle’s oldest young hip hop group,” says @prometheusbrown. The best!  (at Showbox)
"We are #MadeInHeights." Soooo good. Live in #Seattle tonight.  (at Showbox)
A lovely way to bid adieu to the week from hell. Thanks to Leland, Jerry and my pals (y’all know who you are) for constantly teaching me the importance of showing kindness to others — and to myself. Onward.
Seattle’s #Chinatown IDBIA says the city’s clear alleys program is supposed to pick up garbage twice a day. That hasn’t been happening and stuff has been left to rot and cause smelling. Of course, it was cleaned up right before @mayoredmurray’s visit… #finditfixit
A long procession of well over 100 participants walked with #Seattle city leaders through #ChinatownID. This is the seventh #finditfixit community walk since July.
As @mayoredmurray walked through the heart of #LittleSaigon Thursday evening, he was flanked by (l-r) Viet Wah VP Leeching Tran, Helping Link Executive Director Minh-Duc Nguyen and Friends of Little Saigon President Tam Nguyen. The local neighborhood is concerned about Nickelsville’s decision to move its homeless encampment to #LittleSaigon’s perimeter. #finditfixit  (at Little Saigon)
Folks, we’ve got a crawler! #BabyLiam
Do we really have to leave #Seattle? #Yams are #LA-bound. Waaaaah.  (at Din Tai Fung University Village 鼎泰豐)
A fierce and persuasive back cover. #wernerherzog
Okay, @wernerherzog. Can’t wait to learn from ya. #guidance #ecstatictruth
Sweet Elisa! Seeing her today made me miss my SC pals. #FightOn  (at Local 360)